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how to participate in coresky ido?

A good place to start learning about Coresky: The fully decentralized
protocol and NFT marketplace for launching new ideas.

why should i participate in ido?

What is CoreCard?

estimated first round ido data.

Up to now, Coresky Council has reached collaboration with high-quality
projects. We have obtained $2M quota for first round of IDO. These
projects have a total market value of approximately $300M.

estimated 1st round ido data
raised capital
Projects mkt cap
$ 100k
Trusted by
+ 215,000 Users

What our clients say about us.

The future of NFT trading and invest

"I think Coresky's combination of NFT exchange and launchpad will bring a new experience to all NFT traders, which is very exciting ."

Amy l.
former investment advisior of ty danjuma family office

The best NFT place

"Coresky dev team used to work at National Center for Supercomputing Applications(NCSA). I believe the combination of their outstanding technical skills and the advanced NFT trading market with launchpad concept will make them successful."

manish gupta
evp engineering at coinbase

Amazing trading experience

''Coresky's NFT trading model greatly motivate users to participate. Users trade NFTs and get the opportunity to participate in Coresky launchpad, and then obtain benefits from it. I am optimistic about the future of Coresky to see."

yasir ai-rumayyan
public investment fund (pif),sandi arabia sovereign wealth fund

An elite consortium of industry-leading decision makers.

Our council and internal team of analysts vet projects via a strict
due diligence process.